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Welcome, your characters have been freed slaves that were in the services of Lord Dendrik and released into the city of Aberlang. It is a city that grew off of a vent of mystical energy in the middle of a dessert far from any of your character’s home. Aberlang is built in an oval around a giant well or hole if you will that gives off a purple hazy smoke that sometimes re-animates the dead. Due to the nature of your characters, they are barred from most guilds, the following guilds are open to them: the necromancy guild, the church, gladiator’s guild, the brothel and scholars of arts.

Major happenings in the town.
19 years ago, the city mayor Lord Hathfore Youngvald died and then reanimated.
18 years ago, sentient undead were given the rights of lower class citizens unless in a position of power.
5 years ago, the necromancy guild was established.
2 years ago, your characters were bought and brought there.
1 year ago, Scholars of the Arts was created.
and today, they were freed and given 50 gp as a severance package.

1st level characters, if you play as a race that has level adjustment you gain exp normally but you will have a racial class that doesn’t count for multi-classing. use racial HD for the class if any. if not then it is the commoner’s HD (d4).

Drow class (d4)
Level 1: spell like abilities, darkvision, racial skill bonuses, +2 int -2 con
Level 2: +2 dex +2 cha, spell resistance, all other things that would make it a Drow.
skills same as aristocrat’s

exceptions: certain races have racial classes like the Morgh in the Libris Mortis, in that case use that class, though needs DM approval.

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